For the past few years, I've been using Squarespace to host this blog. I picked it up for ease of use, and was mostly satisfied. The price is somewhat high, but it looked like the right solution for me.

Over the years, I worked out what is it that I want in my blog. I want to work on it on the go, from my iPad; I also use a lot of images. These two requirements make Squarespace's editor almost unusable to me. Uploading images is horribly slow, there's no bulk upload via FTP or similar to make the process more fluid, and editing the post with many images is cumbersome.

Besides, I've found that the Squarespace apps are not as good as I had hoped. They are not being kept up to date, and their functionality is pretty limited. Most things happen inside a web view, which doesn't help the fluidity of the process, as the editor is cumbersome even on desktop.

My new solution is to migrate to self-hosted Ghost and to use Ulysses to publish. It was a bit of a pain to set up, compared to the flawless Squarespace setup. I had a lot of downtime because I made a few mistakes with DNS management on the way. But finally I'm back in business!

I think it will take me a few months to find time to migrate the content off of Squarespace and to Ghost. At least my hope is that I will write more since I have less friction. Stay tuned!